Bike tours

our Old Havana to Bacuranao Beach

Tour Old Havana to Bacuranao Beach

The Real Havana is not the squares and museums in the Historic Centre, but the neighborhoods of Central Havana and Old Habana, the historical and cultural curiosities, the hidden architectural beauties. This is a tour for curious people who enjoy immersing themselves in the depths of the local culture. We will go by ferry across the bay of Havana, passing through the Christ of Havana, we will visit iconic fortresses of the city and culminating the trip at the Bacura farm on Bacuranao beach to sunbathe and enjoy the beach

Bacuranao beach. Tour Bacuranao Hemingway Farm Old Havana

Tour Bacuranao Hemingway Farm Old Havana

On the way back from the beach. We will go to Finca Vista Hermosa, full of farm animals, for sugar cane juice and coffee. Passing through Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe and Iglesia de Santa Maria del Rosario, both catholic church. We will visit the iconic Finca Vigia, House & Museum of Ernest Hemingway; Castillo de Averoff, Stadium Rafael Conte and culminating the trip at the Bacura farm on Plaza Cristo

City Bike Tour mourning Bike

City tour morning bike

We will start in Plaza Vieja square; we will visit emblematic places such as Chinatown, the Plaza de la Revolución, the Colón cemetery, the John Lennon Park, the Focsa building; one of the seven wonders of Cuban architecture, among other places that will surely be of interest to you.

Fusterlandia in Havana

fusterlandia jaimanita beach old town

We will begin our trip in the Plaza Vieja square, passing through the San Francisco de Asís square, the Malecon Habanero and the iron bridge until we reach Fusterlandia, a place where colors, geometry and volume come together to give rise to the most imaginative murals and structures. We will culminate with a visit to Marina Hemingway and then relax and chill on the Jaimanita beach.

Crossing Río Secreto river

Trekking tour

Ideal tour for adventurous people and nature lovers. We will start at Bacura Farm and from there we will go to the old pine forest through a rope ladder going down a small precipice, we will cross the Secret River, visit the old entrance to the cave system and have lunch in nature creating our own chair. We will pass by the old water tank and then return to the farm.

Art tours

Fabrica de Arte Cubano. Art & Bike tour

Art & Bike tour

If you want to combine art loving and bike riding, this tour is for you. We will start at Factoria Diseño and from there we will go to the National Museum of Fine Arts or Center of Contemporary Art Wifredo Lam, we will visit a studio of an important artist, visit Galeria Continua, the only international contemporary art gallery in Cuba. We will pass by Fabrica de Arte Cubano and his street art on his walls and culminate on Habana Espacios Creativos or Fajoma.

National Museum of Fine Arts

Art Tour for Old Havana

Walk with us through beautiful places and galleries. We will start at National Museum of Fine Arts, from there we will go to The Merger Art Gallery and Maxima Gallery. We will visit Experimental Graphics Workshop, an experimental printmaking workshop on Cathedral Square. We will pass by Factoria Habana, the Centre for the Development of the Visual Arts and culminate the tour on Carmen Montilla Gallery.

Gorria's Gallery. Art Tour for Old Havana

Young Art Spaces..

Visit the trending art galleries and places to spread young art. We will start at Gorria’s Gallery and Workshop, a space for the development of art and the community of San Isidro created by the famous actor Jorge Perugorria. From there we will go to Ona Gallery and then to La Marca, Gallery and tattoo studio tendency in the art world right now. We will visit Bianchini Studio, a very popular photographer with more than thirty exhibitions around the world and culminate on Taller de serifrafia.

People dancing. Salsa Experience Tour

Salsa Experience Finca Bacura

Welcome to our salsa dance lesson! Salsa is a vibrant and energetic dance that originated in the Caribbean and has since spread its infectious rhythm worldwide. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our goal today is to have fun, feel the music, and let the passion of salsa dance take over.

Plaza de la Catedral. Five Plazas & Lots in Between Tour

Old Havana Five Plazas & Lots in Between..

We will visit five important plazas in Havana and the places between and more…We will start at Plaza Vieja, Havana’s grandest cobbled square. From there we will go to Plaza de San Francisco de Asis, passing by Plaza de Armas, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza del Cristo  and culminate on El Dandy bar & restaurant, our recommendation for lunch.