Trekking Tour

$19 usd

$19 USD per person.
Special discounts for groups.

Itinerary 9am to 4pm

  • Start in Finca Bacura. Pick up some bottles of cold water (previously boiled) & other supplies for lunch.
  • Quick tour of the farm, & its ecosystem
  • Enter the ancient pine forest by rope ladder down a small cliff
  • Try to spot the birds of this different environment
  • Glimpse of the extensive warren of defensive tunnels
  • Cross Rio Secreto.
  • Mysterious Cliff. Unique habitat niches with a variety of plants and animals.
  • Palma Real Forest. Birds & Huge Palm trees.
  • Forgotten Footpath River cross.
  • Old Entrance to the Caves. Sistem created in 1963 after the missile crisis.
  • Pack Lunch in the wilderness. Create your own chair in nature.
  • Stop in The Ancient Water Tank. Awesome view of the forest area.
  • Go back to the farm.